MIMs and the CTS

My Intelligent Machines (MIMs) is a Montreal-based company founded in 2016 by three co-founders Sarah Jenna (CEO), Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo (Chief Scientist), and Mickael Camus (COO/CTO).

MIMs is developing MIMsOmic, a cloud-based platform, leveraging artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and natural language to support the industrialization phase of genomics by helping Biopharma and Agritech companies as well as research institutes use a continuous flow of OMIC data, to maximize their R&D and production activities.

We met Yvan and Romain shortly after MIMs’ incorporation in 2016. Followed by a training that allowed us to improve our business model and our value proposition. Their assistance allowed us to establish connections with the organizers of the Quebecois and Canadian Trade Missions, making us known nationally and internationally and initiating our exports. The CTS played a key role in our pre-seed fundraising involving Desjardins Capital and Aligo Innovation. These funds allowed us to finalize the development of the beta version of our platform and to jump-start our marketing phase in an efficient manner.

Sarah JennaMIMs CEO

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