The Healthtech Knowledge Hub’s podcast series, The catalyst, provides a comprehensive view of the issues, challenges, and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs in the healthtech sector. This initiative aims to boost startups’ impact and drive the growth of healthcare technology developed by Quebec entrepreneurs.

The podcast aspires to :

  1. Provide a review of major events, conferences and developments in the health technology sector through the perspectives of various ecosystem stakeholders (companies, investors, clinicians and end-users).
  2. Showcase Quebec entrepreneurs ranging from startups to established companies.
  3. Invite stakeholders from other jurisdictions (Canada and globally) to understand markets that local enterprises will address.
  4. Delve into certain topics covered in the Knowledge Hub newsletter.

Every two months, Roger Simard, the Knowledge Hub’s Partner, hosts guests and discusses current topics. Feel free to share your ideas, thoughts, comments, or reactions by sending him an email.

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Insights on healthtech investments

Episode 2 of the podcast The catalyst, hosted by Roger Simard, Associate of the “Knowledge Hub” at CTS, delves into investments in startups specializing in healthcare technologies. The discussion begins with a comparative analysis of investments in the technology sector in Canada, highlighting an overall decrease in investments, although the healthcare technology field shows notable resilience. The podcast features Jean Pierre Robert and Samuel Ohayon from CTS, who discuss the essential role of CTS in supporting startups, focusing on the criteria for support and startup financing, as well as the different types of investors. The discussions also touch on the significant differences between the investment landscape in Quebec and the United States, with a particular focus on the opportunities and specific obstacles in Quebec.

Claire Lelièvre, from Investissement Québec, shares details about the “Impulsion PME” program, which aims to support financing for startup companies. The program illustrates the willingness to adapt and support innovative startups with high growth potential. James Mayer, representing CABHI, also provides insight into his organization’s commitment to financing Canadian startups, highlighting increased cooperation with Quebec’s healthcare technology ecosystem and the importance of tailored support for the sector’s specific needs. The episode concludes with a reflection on the future of healthcare technology company financing in Quebec, emphasizing the imperative for innovation and tailored financial support to address challenges and seize sector opportunities.

Available on March 15 2024 .

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Jean-Pierre Robert
President & CEO, CTS

Samuel Ohayon
Entrepreneur in residence, CTS

Claire Lelièvre
Director Venture capital, Investissement Québec

James Mayer
Early Stage Investor & Venture Services, CABHI


Roger Simard
Partner, CTS 


Charles-Olivier Roy

HLTH 2023, the entrepreneurs’ perspective

Are you an entrepreneur considering attending a conference like the HLTH congress? As you tune in to this episode, you’ll hear firsthand experiences and perspectives from four entrepreneurs supported by CTS, reflecting on their journey following their immersive participation in the enlightening HLTH conference.

In this episode, Roger Simard, the host of The catalyst, the CTS Healthtech Knowledge Hub’s podcast delves into the transformative use of digital technologies in the healthcare sector and explores the opportunities that the HLTH conference offers for entrepreneurs. Our four entrepreneurs share their respective experiences, highlighting the significance of networking opportunities and the support provided by accelerators during major events like HLTH. They also engage in discussions about the challenges encountered and changes they wish to see in the healthcare innovation ecosystem.

Available on December 13th 2023 .

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