Privacy Policy

Update: April 15, 2024


CTS, an organization dedicated to supporting health technology companies in developing their activities, takes the protection of your privacy and personal information seriously when using our website and digital services.

This page presents the privacy policy of the CTS website. This policy aims to detail our practices regarding privacy protection and the collection of personal information.

Legal Compliance

Our site complies with Quebec’s Law 25 on the protection of personal information.

Data Protection Commitments

  • Data Collection: We collect personal information (first name, last name, email address, phone number, physical address) via our contact forms and marketing communication subscriptions.
  • Purposes of Collection: Each type of data collected is specifically used to improve our services, communicate with you, or fulfill our legal obligations.
  • Security and Hosting: Your data is protected by SSL protocols and hosted in a secure environment. We commit never to sell, disclose, or share your personal information with third parties without your explicit consent, unless required by law.
  • Risks and Precautions: Despite advanced security measures, no method is infallible. We commit to taking all necessary precautions to protect your information.
  • Incident Management and Staff Training: CTS has established detailed procedures to respond to data security incidents, including regulatory-compliant notifications. We also regularly train our staff on best practices for protecting personal data to ensure secure and responsible management.
  • Data Retention Period: We retain your personal information only as long as necessary to achieve the specified objectives at the time of collection or to meet legal requirements. After this period, we proceed with the destruction or anonymization of the data. The retention period is determined based on the nature and sensitivity of the information, the associated risks of unauthorized disclosure, and applicable legal or regulatory obligations.

Use of Cookies

  • Types of Cookies Used:
    • Essential Cookies: These cookies are necessary for functions such as security, network management, and site access. They do not collect personal data.
    • Analytical Cookies: Used to measure and understand the use of our site (e.g., Google Analytics).
    • Advertising Cookies: Used to promote our content (e.g., LinkedIn).
  • Cookie Management: You can manage your cookie preferences through our consent banner, which provides details on the use of each type of cookie.

User Rights & Transparency

If you have questions about your personal information or wish to exercise your rights (access, correction, deletion), please contact our data protection officer at the following address: Christele Berthelot-Logsdon,

Policy Update: We are committed to informing you of significant updates to our privacy policy and explaining how these changes affect the management of your personal data.