The Healthtech
Knowledge Hub Launch:

Driving the growth
of healthcare technology
developed by Quebec entrepreneurs.

To mark its 15th anniversary, CTS is proudly launching its Healthtech Knowledge Hub, which is designed to boost start-ups’ impact and drive the growth of healthcare technology developed by Quebec entrepreneurs. This initiative led by CTS – an independent, not-for-profit entity with an extensive network of experts and collaborating organizations – supports its missions to accelerate start-ups.

The Knowledge Hub brings together companies, investors, clinicians and end users as well as the health’s entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem. Its mission is to educate, create connections, raise awareness, and exert influence to promote prospects, highlight success factors, and fuel widespread adoption of digital healthcare technology and innovative medical devices.

The Knowledge Hub connects stakeholders, captures knowledge
and expertise, and provides a range of targeted activities and tools:

The Knowledge Hub will roll out its activities throughout the year designed to showcase healthtech innovation and entrepreneurship, which will help position Quebec as a global leader in this fast-growing sector.

“The startups that develop and deliver these innovative technologies spend a tremendous amount of time educating, influencing, and raising awareness among their stakeholders, including investors, clinicians and end users, and the industry in general. And they do so in a sector that lags in adopting these technologies. Through the Knowledge Hub, CTS aims to boost startups’ impact and act as a catalyst for their growth, while working in close collaboration with the ecosystem’s many partners,” says Jean-Pierre Robert, CEO of CTS.

I am proud to partner with CTS and support the Knowledge Hub reaching its full impact. I am convinced it will spur growth in healthtech adoption as well as benefit healthcare trajectories in Quebec.

Roger Simard,
Managing Partner
at CTS Knowledge Hub

The CTS Healthtech
Knowledge Hub
is designed to:

  • Curate and disseminate innovative sector-related content
  • Position healthcare technologies developed by Quebec’s entrepreneurs
  • Connect companies that can benefit from mutual synergy through their respective technologies, by developing collaborative platforms and a platform economy
  • Create and lead discussions that bring together stakeholders to foster knowledge transfer, strategic alignment, collaboration, and involvement on key sector issues
  • Promote the adoption of healthcare technology solutions by clinicians and end users in Quebec
  • Increase investor interest towards this sector

The Knowledge Hub calendar of activities.

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