Alayacare and the CTS

Alayacare develops an intuitive and useful software that links patients and professionals. The company offers a security service that improves and plans the user’s experience.

Alayacare's websiteAlayacare's website

Alayacare increases incomes thanks to the machine learning, upgrades ressources and the integrated portable tools utilisation to give vital data base to the patient.

Alayacare is excited to be part of the CTS ecosystem. As a software provider serving the home healthcare market, we are continuously integrating innovative monitoring and point of care hardware into our ecosystem. We believe our fellow CTS portfolio companies will be a rich source of innovation for our customers, and at the same time we believe our platform can be an interesting path to market into the community care sector for medical device innovators.

Adrian SchauerCEO and co founder, Alayacare