What services does CTS offer?

With 15 years of experience as a specialized accelerator in healthcare technology, we have designed exclusive à la carte programs suited to the particular needs and reality of startups. The program’s objective are  to coach startups. Our programs focus on supporting start-ups in their commercialization phase (in Quebec, Canada and abroad) as well as helping them securing venture capital investment.

What sets us apart

Our à la carte programs, with its flexible schedule and targeted support, is tailored to the needs of each company in the commercialization phase. More agile than other accelerator’s programs, it provides the specific resources entrepreneurs need to make rapid progress toward securing financing.

Our programs

Quebec / Canada Commercialization


Launching startups into the commercialization phase


1-2 years


• Develop a thorough knowledge of the target markets, their driving forces, and the supply chain/decision-makers
• Establish and/or validate relevant use cases and the metrics that will help support the value proposition
• Review and validate the IP strategy
• Develop a regulatory strategy and establish a roadmap for obtaining the required approvals for future commercialization
• Identify and facilitate access to the KOLs and set up a high-calibre scientific committee
• Establish the technological prerequisites to allow interoperability and facilitate large-scale adoption
• Create the necessary conditions and environment to allow for innovations to be technologically and clinically validated
• Refine the business model and develop a strong sales pitch (e.g. white papers)
• Define the commercialization strategy

• Build a client base and solid partnerships
• Develop the growth strategy
• Assemble a board of directors

International Commercialization


Supporting startups in expanding into the American and European markets


2 years


• International commercialization plan defined and activated
• Enable access to coaches and experts whose field of expertise is not available in Quebec. USA, Europe, Israel, Singapore networks
• Support first-step commercialization securing paying pilots and cultivating strategic partnerships
• Facilitate contacts with US venture capital firms specialized in financing healthcare technology at the seed stage
• Training program, workshops, support in applying to federal and provincial export programs
• Exchange programs with accelerators/incubators based abroad (TBC)

Pre-seed and Seed Financing 



Developing a fundraising strategy at the pre-seed, seed level and in anticipation of a Series A round


2 years


• Plan growth strategy and required fundraising (dilutive and non-dilutive), including R&D tax strategy
• Preparing for and recommending to investment funds
• Pitch preparation (value proposition, dry run etc.) ahead of introduction to investment funds by CTS
• Performing part of the investor’s due diligence
• Support in creating the list of strategic investors and targeting the lead investor

• Recommending and presenting the startup to investment funds with which CTS has a business relationship, including IQ's Impulsion PME program
• Support in discussing and negotiating the investor’s term sheet
• Support in building the required investment documentation/application

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