We are proud to share amazing experiences with a financial institution from Quebec.

The Movement provides access to finance the innovative and technological acceleration program.

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Strategic partners and service providers


Centech accelerates the creation and development of technology companies.

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ACET | Partners of CTS

Stimulate, facilitate and accelerate the creation of innovative businesses that produce highly qualified jobs.

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Zú | Partners of CTS

Together, we question the status quo, we share our experiences, we engage in the community, we empower our peers and …

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CQIB | Partners of CTS

The Quebec Center for Biotechnology Innovation, is working on the implementation of MEDxlab, an accelerator in digital.

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Desjardins Caisse du Réseau de la santé | Partners of CTS

Specialized in the health sector and will provide specific and adapted services to startups in health technologies.

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main | Partners of CTS

The Movement gives access to the CTS for the financing of the innovative SMEs and technological acceleration program

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R&D Capital | CTS Partner

R&D enables CTS to facilitate access to corporate tax credit funding.

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PWC | CTS Partner

PWC helps the CTS with its global market and business development knowledge.

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Triode | CTS Partner

Triode supports companies in the creation of innovative products and services and in their marketing strategies.

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Novo | CTS Partner

Novo offers its varied skills in product design and innovation strategies.

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LOK Corporation | CTS Partner

LOK Corporation offers tools and services to help companies develop and manage their distribution network.

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Fasken is one of the largest law firms in Montreal with over 175 lawyers and agents offering services in every area of law

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As a Partner of the CTS

You believe in the mission of th CTS and you wish to support it by having a leading role in the development and maintenance of a vibrant health sector in Quebec.

The CTS is looking for partners who can provide funding or support services to help to bring a high level of supports to its businesses.

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