Why choose CTS?

What sets us apart: customized services!

CTS is THE growth accelerator exclusively dedicated to innovative medical technology startups. We help startups develop an effective commercialization strategy by enhancing their unique value proposition so they can secure guaranteed financing and grow on an international scale.

Introduction to a vast ecosystem of key players, resources, relationships, experts and mentors specialized in the local and international medical sectors, including facilitation and follow-up

Transform your technologies into products while benefiting from our many distinct advantages:

  • À la carte accelerator that adapts to the specific needs of each company with flexible programs tailored to your development cycle
  • Customized meetings to build your understanding of the mechanics of financing, learn how and where to submit applications, and prepare the rounds of fundraising
  • Become a part of CTS’s vast network of contacts which includes potential investors in the national and international private and public sectors
  • Sessions with company executives (CEOs) to gain insight into the reality and issues of the field and learn from their experience
  • CTS welcomes Canadian, university and foreign startups, providing them with a rundown of the ecosystem’s complexity to help them better understand the nuances of the field

CTS’s strategic coaching: the results

Companies will be given the information they need to continue to grow and will establish the traction necessary to reach advanced levels of financing and market development. Our à la carte consulting service and ecosystem remain available to you for future initiatives.

Transform your innovative startup
into a high-performing business

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