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What are our selection criteria?

We support entrepreneurs who are committed to scaling up their healthcare technology startup to a national and international level through our à la carte consulting and customized training sessions.

We support the development of entrepreneurs and startups who have:

  • Engagement, motivation and a drive for success
  • Headquarters in Quebec
  • Innovative healthcare technology solutions and products that have passed the prototyping phase
  • Intellectual property protected by a specialized firm
  • A well-defined regulatory strategy
  • Market potential
  • An established business plan: a value proposition, commercial strategy and revenue model that are well-defined or in an advanced stage of development
  • Promising medium-term value
  • Interest in working with CTS and its ecosystem
  • Openness to new ideas, feedback and recommendations from our experts

A high-performance program to strengthen your startup

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CTS: the no. 1 resource for healthcare technology entrepreneurs!

  • Long-term relationship of trust (for 2 to 5 years, according to needs)
  • Agile, à la carte accelerator that understands the issues entrepreneurs in medical technology face
  • Attentive, available and transparent team. We are a team you can count on!
  • Offers support, monitoring, training and coaching while challenging you to succeed.
  • Helps scientists develop their entrepreneurial skills.
  • Connects you with seasoned professionals in the medical field (accounting, finance, marketing, branding, law, HR, etc.) and an entire ecosystem that fosters the successful launch of startups
  • Comprehensive solution with an on-hand plan including the steps to take, a realistic timeline and resource people to meet so you can develop your project and move it forward

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