MY01 and the CTS

MY01 Inc. is a technology company focused on innovation to develop the next generation of medical devices. Its first product, also called “MY01”, is a biocompatible micro-sensor capable of monitoring muscle pressure continuously.

MY01's websiteMY01's website

MY01 is approved by regulatory authorities (FDA, Health Canada, EC) and is used in Canada, the US and Europe to prevent complications of the compartment syndrome (LDS).

I applied to the Health Technology Catalyst program in 2017. Since then, Romain, Jean-Pierre and their team have been following the development of MY01 closely. They were always there to answer our questions and concerns. The CTS benefits from a close relationship with Desjardins Capital. The CTS will have facilitated a first transaction with this big player who usually goes into subsequent rounds of financing. In addition, the terms offered are adequate and above all do not compromise the future value of the business.

Simon SanscartierCFO, MY01 Inc.

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