The CTS is pleased to announce its new partnership with Novo!

The objective of this partnership is to provide expertise in industrial design, engineering, strategy and innovation to startups. With the help of its many branches of specialization and experts, Novo is a strategic partner that allows to meet the expectations of the most ambitious. The CTS provides access to the most promising startups in the health technologies sector, as well as a platform to increase their visibility and promote their services. At NOVO, design and engineering work together at the innovation table in a unique collaboration process that creates synergy. Throughout the strategic process NOVO advocates hacking and experimenting along with extensive user research to ensure that they humanize technology.

About Novo :

Novo is a studio of industrial design and engineering. NOVO partners with high-potential startups that can benefit from their expertise to bring breakthrough technology to life. For established organizations, they offer expert resources to accelerate innovation, growth and change.

For more information, visit

1505 Royale street,
Trois-Rivières, QC
G9A 4J9
+1 (866) 727 4139

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300 Saint-Sacrement street
Local 28
Montreal (QC) H2Y1X4
(514) 274-1001