Montreal, September 19, 2019 – A.V.

The CTS is proud to announce its new partnership with LOK Corporation!

This partnership will provide startups with expertise in international distribution. LOK Corporation, with many partners and many years of experience, combines planning with action to provide unique and tailored strategic advice. We are confident that this collaboration will increase the competitive advantage and success of the companies in the CTS ecosystem.

‘‘Achieving international sales is an important milestone for our startups because it demonstrates traction and creates real value in the business.  This is essential when seeking to attract potential investors or partners. The LOK offer adds to the CTS toolkit that is tailored to the medtech market and made available to our companies.’’ Adds M.  Hervé, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The CTS will provide access to LOK Corporation to the most promising start-ups in the medical technology sector as well as a platform to increase its visibility and promote its services. In the marketing stage, startups have specific strategic needs and require personalized support in their distribution process.

“International distribution is undoubtedly a complex undertaking for almost every medical device manufacturing organization. Yet it is both vital and an inevitable path for growth. We are confident that the combined efforts of this partnership with CTS will better prepare our manufacturers, providing them the right international strategic planning and execution to contribute to their full success!” says M. Daniel Cloutier, CEO of LOK Corporation.

About LOK Corporation

LOK Corporation is a manufacturing agent that helps companies develop and manage their international distribution network. Over the years, LOK has built a reputation representing major players such Masimo SoClean and Lidco, but also companies that were in their first steps in marketing. LOK also offers training tools for the sales force and several other services to support sales & marketing.

About the CTS

The CTS is a business accelerator in the field of medical technologies that provides startups with coaching as well as marketing and financing support, enabling them to grow faster and substantially increase their chances of success. For more information, visit