A depth of knowledge to support you

We are proud to share amazing experiences with a financial institution from Quebec.

Strategic partners and service providers

PWC helps the CTS with its global market and business development knowledge.

Triode supports companies in the creation of innovative products and services and in their marketing strategies.

R&D enables CTS to facilitate access to corporate tax credit funding.

Novo offers its varied skills in product design and innovation strategies.

The Movement gives access to the CTS for the financing of the innovative SMEs and technological acceleration program.

LOK Corporation offers tools and services to help companies develop and manage their distribution network.

Centech accelerates the creation and development of technology companies. Centech is particularly distinguished in the fields of medical technologies, manufacturing, telecommunications and microelectronics and other smart objects.

As a Partner of the CTS

You believe in the mission of th CTS and you wish to support it by having a leading role in the development and maintenance of a vibrant health sector in Quebec.

The CTS is looking for partners who can provide funding or support services to help to bring a high level of supports to its businesses.

We are proud to contribute to the acceleration of the most promising companies in medical technology in Quebec. Our role is to transmit a maximum of creativity and strategy to give entrepreneurs the best marketing tools to promote commercialization, often on an international scale.

Pierre-André RoyPresident, Leeroy Agence Créative

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