The Chairman of the Board of CTS Healthcare, Mr. Guillaume Hervé, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Jean-Pierre Robert as the President of CTS Healthcare, replacing Mr. Yvan Beaudoin, effective July 17th, 2017.

Mr. Yvan Beaudoin is stepping dow as the head of CTS Healthcare to pursue a new career path. The CTS Board would like to thank Mr. Beaudoin for all his hard work over the past two years. During his tenure, the CTS repositioned itself as the leader in Quebec for accelerating medical device companies and for helping them secure funding by positioning and focusing their value proposition.  Under his leadership, 17 companies received funding from the CTS accelerator, new strategic partnerships were signed and new mentoring and training programs offered to founders and entrepreneurs in the medical technology space.  The CTS now offers a unique and comprehensive, two-year support program tailored to the medical device industry.  

“Yvan has done a tremendous job driving the changes necessary to adapt the CTS value proposition to the specific challenges of the medical device industry,” commented Mr. Hervé.  “His hands-on approach and real life experiences as an entrepreneur in this space were invaluable to the Board and to all the startups he encountered.  His dedication to the success of startups was noticed by all who worked with him.  On behalf of the Board, I want to wish Yvan much success in his new role.”

‘’What initially was supposed to be a temporary assignment, became a passion with the objective to make the CTS ‘’THE‘’ place where medical device entrepreneurs can find advices, money and a friendly ear and yet be challenged on their commercial plan with the goal of moving them forward, ‘’ said Yvan Beaudoin.


Mr. Jean-Pierre Robert is joining the CTS as its new president.  Mr. Robert is a seasoned and accomplished business leader with over 25 years in management and leadership in the life sciences industry.  His breadth and depth of knowledge includes the broad spectrum of the life sciences industry from medical devices to imaging and pharmaceuticals.  He has held senior leadership roles at Cadens Medical Imaging, Draxis, Biogentis, Tyco Healthcare (now Covidien and Mallinckrodt) and Fisher Scientific LDT (now ThermoFisher Scientic).  He has experiences both in the corporate world and as a startup entrepreneur, combined with international sales and market development expertise.

“Jean-Pierre is the perfect person to take on the CTS at this stage.  He has an in-depth knowledge of the life sciences and medical technologies industry and an intimate appreciation of the challenges of launching new businesses in this space,” said Mr. Hervé.  “In addition, Jean-Pierre’s understanding and personal experiences of the work facing companies seeking financing to scale and to adapt their value proposition to international markets will be key to continue to help our companies grow and create value.”

“The foundation that is already in place at the CTS will set the direction to grow the level of support offered to startup companies to another level and accelerate their transition to commercialization,” mentioned Jean-Pierre Robert. “Working with entrepreneurs in the realization of their dream is a constant motivation for me. CTS will offer me the privilege to continue to work with talented individuals by providing them with the resources and the visibility they all deserved to scale successfully.”


Please welcome Mr Robert in his new role at CTS Health.