We are pleased to announce our partnership with Triode. Together we will offer companies more options to overcome the challenges associated with the commercialization process of new medical technologies.

Triode is a team of strategists, designers and engineers specialize in the creation and development of new products for diverse and complex industries such as medical devices. Triode was founded in 2002 to fulfill the vision of bridging the gap between marketing and R & D in organizations. Today, Triode is made up of a passionate team who work daily to make this vision concrete for its customers.

The mission of Triode is to be a bridge between the marketing and R & D teams of its customers in order to optimize their success

The Triode approach is to help manufacturers discover and understand their customers’ needs, reduce their product development risks and improve their time to market. Whether the company is in the process of generating ideas, feasibility analysis or product development, Triode’s strategic advisors and market analysis experts will be able to help.

Whatever the stage of development of your project, the Triode team can help you to identify your growth vector and to create more value.


For further information, please contact:


Montréal                                                         Québec

Jean-Hugo BUSSIÈRE                                 Patrick SIROIS

514-645-1117, ex 349                                   418-658-3030, ex 331

jhbussiere@triode.ca                                     psirois@triode.ca


Visit the company’s website at : www.triode.ca.